Classes Offered

2017-2018 Classes Offered
First Semester

Our first semester classes will be as follows:  

Preschool:  This class is being taught by Claudia Craig and Rayne Hamilton
                    Subjects will vary from week to week with plenty of time for the kids to play and
                    interact with one another.

Lower Elementary:  Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade
                                 Taught by Jenny Giar and Lindee Caulderwood
                                  This will be a fun class!  We are planning for the class to cover both hours
                                   and cover Health, Nutrition, and even some fun cooking together!

Elementary:  3rd and 4th Graders
                      1st hour class -  Ancient Egypt History/Geography  taught by Carla Duncan
                       This will a class with another lapbook project.  The students will need to be able to
                        do some writing on their own.  

                        2nd hour class - Spanish taught by Jessica Feldman

Middle School:  5th, 6th, & 7th Graders
                        1st Hour class:  Spanish taught by Jessica Feldman
                         2nd Hour class:  Ancient Egypt History/Geography taught by Carla Duncan

High School:  8th Grade - 12th Grade
                        These classes will be full credit classes for our high school students and will require
                         them to put forth their best efforts.  There will be homework assigned each week and 
                         students will be expected to complete the homework to receive the credit.

                          1st hour class:  History taught by Jennifer Jenson
                          2nd hour class:  Spanish I taught by Sherri Rhodes


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