Classes Offered

2018 - 2019 Classes Offered

Preschool:  This class will have lots of time to interact and play together.  They will learn about careers.  Each week a short lesson will teach them about a different career such as police officer, pastor, fireman, etc.  This is loosely based on ABekka's K5 Social Studies Curriculum.  Preschool will meet in the same room for both hours.

K - 2nd Grade:  Science will be taught 1st hour.  Students will learn about the human body, astronomy and much more.  There will be a LOT of experiments to make this a fun time for them.
Native American History will be 2nd hour with opportunity to add 3rd and 4th graders to this class for the 1st semester.  History Pockets will be the chosen curriculum and there will be lots of hands-on projects to keep young student's attention.

3rd - 6th Grade:  Again Science will be taught the 1st hour using the same subjects as in the K-2nd class.  There will be lots of experiments!  This will be an informative and fun class!  For the 1st semester we have a student teacher that will be teaching 5th graders and older Stop Motion Video.  He will be joined by an adult co-teacher.  This young man is passionate about Stop Motion and has been doing it for three years now.  He is taking additional classes himself on this over the summer and is excited to have the opportunity to teach others how to do this.  For the 2nd Semester, we will add a history class.  Details on that as the time approaches.

7th - 8th Grade:  The 1st hour class is Apologia's General Science 2nd Edition.  This age group is flexible.  We have some students who are high school freshmen that will be taking this as a credit course.  We may also have some 6th graders who will be taking the class. We will be doing labs together in class and having discussion as time permits, with most of the reading and written work to be assigned as homework.  The 2nd hour class will be Apologia's Around the World in 180 Days.  Again class time will be discussion of homework with reading and written work being completed at home.

High School:  We are so pleased to be welcoming a new member this year who has volunteered to teach a high school level Chemistry class.  We are using Apologia's Exploring Creation with Chemistry.  Class time will be labs only with the rest of the work needing to be done at home.  This will be a full-credit Science course.  The 2nd hour will be Constitutional Literacy.  This is also a full-credit Government Courses.  Class time will consist of watching a video with Michael Farris lecturing.  We will follow-up with answering questions on the video and discussion.  Each week the students will have to research and write a few paragraphs on a current-event that pertains to the lecture of the week.  I think students will develop a great understanding of the constitution in this class which will be of great benefit and make them better citizens of our country.

Another new event for this year is that we are adding some activity time which can help with physical education.  This will be headed up by our high scholars with parents monitoring.  Each week after closing, the leaders will have a physical activity planned for the group.  They may teach and play a particular sport, or just a group game as they choose.  This is great for our older students to learn leadership skills and great for our younger students to have time to just play together.

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