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Our Membership Guidelines are below. Click here to download a copy.

Mission Statement
This group strives to provide quality Christian based educational resources and support for Christian home school families.  We encourage a family commitment to this Christian based learning experience, without impacting family life.

Co-op Time and Place
The Stepping Stones classes take place at Grace Community Church located at 310 East 8th St., Overbrook, KS 66524, in “B” building.  Classes are held for two semesters, fall through spring, Thursday mornings from 9am – 12pm.  Special events will be announced as needed.

Our annual events are:  A family picnic to start the school year, enrollment events before each semester, a Christmas party with a community service activity, field day, family picnic at the end of the year, and a graduation/end of year program. We also offer standardized testing during the summer and do fundraisers throughout the year.

General Structure
The general structure of the co-op is led by an Advisory Council.  Council members are elected yearly by the co-op as a whole (terms last from June 1st to the following June 1st).  The Council will narrow down any matters affecting the co-op as a whole and then bring it to the co-op at large for a vote.  Voting will be done via Facebook with a majority rule of those who participate or if their vote is registered ahead of time.

The Council will meet for monthly meetings and call for additional meetings as needed.  Council meetings are open to all.  We will have important All Co-op member meetings at times, in which we encourage all to attend.

Co-op Fees
There is a standard fee per semester due at the beginning thereof:  $20 per family with one child, and $30 per family with more than one child.  This fee is the same whether the child is attending one or all of the classes each week.  The fee can be postponed for a prospective co-op family to try out the co-op.

Co-op fees can also be waived per semester for those raising a specified amount during fundraiser time.  Scholarships are available for families who need them.

Special events or speakers paid for by the co-op can be attended by non-members with a $5 per family charge.
Classes/ Co-op Day
The morning is started with an opening session where we say the Pledges to the Christian flag and the American flag, have prayer, announcements, and sometimes a show and tell time for the students.

Each age group will have 2 classes and a snack break.  Class divisions are made depending on the numbers enrolled in each grade, and grades will be grouped together to make the class sizes manageable.  This grouping may be adjusted each session, depending on enrollment and class size limits. 

Students will generally go into a group with their school grade, however, parents are able to move a child up or down at their discretion, as long as there is room in that class.  Please let the Advisory Council know if you'd like to move your child into a different group, so that class sizes can be kept within limits.

Co-Op Etiquette
It is our desire to be a blessing to the community, to Grace Community Church, as well as to each other.  Church staff is normally working on the premises most days when co-op is in session. Continued use of the building is dependent on our care and respect of the facility.  Everyone’s efforts to ensure well-behaved children and a clean facility are needed.

No child, regardless of age, is allowed to be unsupervised at any time during co-op. Parents are required to be in attendance if any one child is also in attendance. Your child is either in an appropriate class or with a parent.

*We do not want children running or being loud.  Each parent is expected to tend to their own child, but any adult is more than welcome to calm the children as needed.

Classroom Behavior
Children are expected to be respectful of the teacher, their classmates, and the premises.  The children are expected to pay attention and not disrupt others.  The students should show respect by facing the teacher and giving their undivided attention to the teacher or speaker.  The teacher and helpers will monitor this, and correct the children as needed.

If the teacher is having a problem with a student, after a couple of attempts, the child should be taken to his or her parent.

Parent Requirement
**Parent needs to be present during co-op time.  Drop-offs can be allowed only during special circumstances, approved by the Advisory Council, but another adult needs to be in charge of the children affected.**

Each parent with a child in co-op should be helping in some way, either teaching, in class as a helper, or working on a party or event you signed up to help plan.  Positions will be signed up for the semester prior.

Teaching parents are required to turn in a class outline before the semester to show what the goals of the class are.  Teachers should plan to arrive early at co-op to set up for their classes. 

Standardized tests are offered by Stepping Stones at GCC in the spring, but they are not mandatory.  A sign-up and announcement of cost will be ready in the fall. Parents will help in administering the tests.

Teacher Supplies
Classroom supplies are provided for teachers, unless the teacher requires students to bring special supplies with them.  General supplies available include pencils, markers, glue sticks, paper, etc… Please check the supply cabinet to see if additional materials are available.  If other supplies are needed, check the budget for your class and see what funds are available.  When items are purchased, please turn in a receipt to the treasurer for reimbursement.  Reimbursement will be by the following co-op day.  All items reimbursed with co-op funds will become the property of the co-op and added to our inventory.  This method of accounting allows us to keep track of expenses for proper class pricing as well as sharing resources so we are not wasteful.

Field Trips
Anyone is welcome to organize a field trip and invite their fellow co-op members to join them at any time throughout the year.  Any admission fees are not included in the co-op fees, unless specified otherwise.   

Field trip attendees are expected to behave with an even higher level of etiquette, since we will be seen in public at these times.

We will post important notices on our Facebook page. Check our Facebook Group page Stepping Stones Member Group (our current member only group page) frequently for information you may need to bring for the next week, including homework or other information the teachers want to pass along to the parents. If you do not have Facebook, please make sure we know this so that you can be emailed or called.

We also have a blog at www.steppingstonescoop.blogspot.com.   This blog is open to the public, as is our Facebook Page called Stepping Stones Homeschool Group.  We post general information about our co-op on these public sites, and allow the public who “Like” or follow us, to post comments or postings that they feel may be of interest to our co-op.  

*We will be posting photos on our public sites and if you do not want you or your child’s photo to appear there, be sure to let the membership know that.    

If you are not able to attend co-op one day or are running late, please CALL someone on the Advisory Council at home or on her cell phone so we have ample time to find a substitute for your teaching or helping job.  Email or Facebook is normally not checked the morning of co-op.
Illness and Co-Op
PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND CO-OP UNTIL 48 HOURS HAVE PASSED SINCE YOU LAST HAD ANY FEVERS, STOMACH OR INTESTINAL ISSUES.  Please also be considerate of teachers by not sending cranky young preschoolers with colds.  If you need to stay at home with a sick child, please call the group leader and let them know who will be responsible for your child during coop and who will be picking up your child. 

Food Allergies
Please be extra careful with your children and food during co-op events.  Our co-op has children with serious food allergies.  All snacks should be closed and only eaten in the snack area.  After any class where food is part of the course, please have the children thoroughly wash their hands before going to their next class.  Any food creations should be left in the classroom until snack and not carried around the building. Peanut butter is one of the most allergic and easily passed foods, so please be sure to check under fingernails after eating this product.

In case of inclement weather, we cancel in accordance with the Santa Fe Trail District #434 schools.  If school is one to two hours late, we will start co-op on time.  If public school is canceled or closing early, co-op will be canceled.

If there is a funeral on the same day that we would happen to have a Life Skills or Cooking class that needs the kitchen, we would cancel that class.

Please remember to check our Facebook Group page, where we will post the cancellation. 

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